Demolition Dennis Enarson - 175mm - Rig Cranks - Flat Black

Demolition Dennis Enarson - 175mm - Rig Cranks - Flat Black

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Heat Treated CRMO arms with built in ridge face for added strength and stiffness
Forged 24 mm X 48T splined boss that sites flush to prevent ankle scarring
24 mm X 48T splined heat treated CRMO spindle
CRMO spindle bolts with 3/8″ ratchet and 6 mm allen keyed by CNC’d
24 mm Mid BB bearings, cones and watchers NOT INCLUDED
Size: 175 mm
Weight: 31.6 oz. (175 mm)

Demolition can work up some sort of up-sell for these cranks but when you have Dennis Enarson on the same pair for over a year, that seems to speak for itself. Full heat treated arms that are ridged for extra strength and stiffness. The larger 24 mm heat treated hollow spindle prevents twisting and breaks seen in more common smaller spindles. Complete with 3/8″ ratchet spindle bolts for added convenience. For those guys that need a crank that’s going to withstand the abuse of drops and other hard landings, this is the crank for you!