Demolition Revolt Cranks - 165mm - Flat Black

Demolition Revolt Cranks - 165mm - Flat Black

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Size (mm): 165
Spindle: 19mm Hollow/ Heat Treated Chromoly
Spindle Bolts: 3/8″ x 24T Flush Mount
Spindle Splines: 48
Sprocket Bolt: 10×1.5mm
Weight: 22.2 oz (175mm arms only)

Does not include bottom bracket

New Revolt cranks have been proven/ tested by Demolitions whole team for the whole year of 2010. They added a new heat treatment process, thicker tubing and made them with a stiffer shape. All for those that need the security of a stress-free crank. The Demolition crew stands by them and swear they are the strongest cranks they’ve ridden. Heat-treated tubular chromoly arms with a forged spindle boss that is flush with the arm to reduce ankle scarring, 48 spline, 19 mm hollow chromoly spindle and flush mount spindle bolts. RHD/LHD compatible.