Demolition Doyle Anthem Seat

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Chris Doyle Signature
Mid Padded
Pivotal Style w/Hollow Bolt
Vinyl Top Mimics Ostrich Leather
Weight: 10.1 oz

The Anthem videos are some of the most respected and highly watched videos in BMX. From dirt to street, Anthem had a hand in changing the face of videos in BMX. Chris Doyle’s section in Anthem 2 was one of Chris’ biggest achievements to be involved with, being from the East and having respect for all the riders that ever rode in front of Stew Johnson’s camera. The Anthem/ Chris Doyle signature saddle came about for Chris’ love/ respect he has for Anthem. Slim design padding. 1-pc soft vinyl fabric that mimics high-end ostrich leather. Embossed Chris Doyle Anthem logo on the back of seat. Only compatible with Pivotal style seat posts.